Gigondas: a major tasting of the 2022s

This was a major tasting of Gigondas reds. The new whites (which are allowed in the appellation as of 2023) are written up separately. As you can see from these notes, I’m really taken by 2022 as a vintage in Gigondas: there were some lovely wines here.

Bottled 2022 reds

Domaine de Fontavin Gigondas CUVEE COMBE SAUVAGE 2022
Grenache noir 75%, Mourvèdre 10%, Syrah 10%, Cinsault 3%, Clairette rose 2%. Juicy, bright and linear with fresh, focused red cherry and berry fruit. Beautiful balance and freshness here with purity and structure. Nice grip on the finish: this is beautiful and should age well. 95/100

Domaine de Font Sane Gigondas Tradition 2022
Grenache noir 72%, Syrah 23%, Mourvèdre 3%, Cinsault 2%. Bright and linear with keen acidity and some structure supporting the fine red berry and red cherry fruit. Has a juicy, zippy quality to it with freshness and definition. Really good. 94/100

Domaine Les Teyssonnieres Gigondas 2022
Grenache, Cinsault, Clairette, Mourvèdre, Syrah. Bright, vivid and focused with nice precision to the red cherry and plum fruit. Has keen acidity keeping everything in focus with a sense of brightness and purity. Really fresh and fine with tight raspberry fruit at its core. 94/100

Pierre Amadieu Domaine Grand Romane Gigondas 2022
Grenache noir 65%, Mourvèdre 20%, Syrah 15%. This is quite structured with grainy, gravelly tannins sitting under the sweet cherry and berry fruits. A firm wine, but with freshness as well as the generous, sweet fruit. The Mourvèdre is making its presence felt here: really appealing with potential for ageing. 94/100

GIGONDAS LACAVE Gigondas La Référence 2022
Grenache noir 65%, Syrah 20%, Mourvèdre 10%, Cinsault 5%. Very appealing sweet berry and cherry fruit aromatics with nice precision on the palate. Hints of almond and liquorice add interest to the supple fruit. Very nicely balanced. 93/100

M. CHAPOUTIER Gigondas Les Jocasses 2022
Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah. Bright, linear and quite focused with sweet cherries and raspberries, nice linear personality, and good tannins and acidity. Midweight and nicely balanced this shows purity and finesse, and should age well. 94/100

Domaine de la Tourade Gigondas Font Des Aieux 2022
Grenache noir 60%, Syrah 30%, Mourvèdre 10%. Juicy and bright with some grippy tannins sitting under pure red fruits. Lovely purity and focus to this wine which has elegance, freshness and purity. Brilliantly balanced and elegant, with a long future ahead of it. So fine. 95/100

MARRENON Les Belles Echappées Gigondas – Les Trois Chaînes 2022
Grenache noir 50%, Syrah 50%. Supple, fine, stuctured and dense. Lovely core of bright cherry and berry fruits with good precision and focus. Fine, fresh red cherries here with good acidity behind the fruit. 93/100

DOMAINE LA BOUSCATIERE – Famille Saurel Gigondas 2022
Grenache noir 60%, Syrah 30%, Cinsault 10%. Bright, focused and linear with nice purity to the red cherry and raspberry fruit. Such precision to this wine with good acidity and a fresh red fruits finish. 92/100

Ogier SAS Gigondas Les Dentelles 2022
Grenache noir, Mourvèdre, Syrah. Some peppery detail alongside the floral red cherry and plum fruit. Textural, pure and fine this is made in a modern classic style with sweet fruit to the fore, but there’s also freshness and complexity. Nice liqourice and cherry notes on the finish. 93/100

Mas des Restanques Gigondas 2022
Grenache noir 70%, Syrah 30%. Liqourice, wild herbs and bright cherry fruit on the nose leading to a ripe but beautifully focused palate. Textural and refined with sweet cherry and berry fruits, offering pleasure and elegance. 94/100

Famille Ravoire Armatura Gigondas 2022
Grenache noir 80%, Syrah 20%. This is bright and lively with nice purity to the cherry and berry fruits. Nicely textured with sweet, concentrated red cherry and berry fruit backed up by some fine tannins. Very stylish. 93/100

Domaine Font Sarade Gigondas Les Pigières 2022
Grenache noir 60%, Mourvèdre 35%, Syrah 5%. Juicy and lively, showing nice acidity and structure sitting under the sweet cherry fruit. There’s a slight coffee and tar edge to this with some spicy tannins, which I think may come from the high proportion of Mourvèdre. This could age in interesting ways. Lovely wine. 94/100

Domaine Saint Damien Gigondas VIEILLES VIGNES 2022
Grenache noir 80%, Mourvèdre 20%. Fine and expressive with bright cherries and plums as well as some ripe wild strawberry character. Has lovely texture, with some liqueur-like quality to the sweet red fruits and then a bright, linear finish. Old school label but thoroughly modern wine. 94/100

Domaine les Sibu Gigondas 2022
Grenache noir 70%, Mourvèdre 30%. Sweetly fruited with a lovely texture to the palate, showing smooth red cherry and berry fruits backed up by spicy, grippy structure. Nice presence and intensity here with lovely freshness and focus. Tending to elegance. 93/100

Ferraton Pere et Fils Gigondas Les Murailles 2022
Grenache noir 85%, Syrah 15%. Pure, fine, sweet liqueur-like red berry and cherry fruits. Has smoothness and elegance, but also some freshness. Midweight with lots of drinkability. 93/100

Domaine Brusset Gigondas LES HAUTS DE MONTMIRAIL 2022
Grenache noir 50%, Syrah 30%, Mourvèdre 20%    Concentrated and substantial with lovely weight of sweet berry and cherry fruits. There’s intensity and structure here, with well integrated tannins providing some grip to support the sweet fruit. Notes of liquorice, herbs and spices with a long finish. 95/100

Domaine la Roubine Gigondas 2022
Grenache noir 70%, Syrah 10%, Mourvèdre 10%, Cinsault 10%        Some elegance here with a core of sweet, textured cherry and plum fruit. Good concentration but no heaviness, with some elegance to the palate. Subtle olive and liqourice detail, too. 94/100

Domaine du Roucas Gigondas de St Pierre 2022
Grenache 50%, Syrah 50%. Nice concentration of sweet, textured cherry and berry fruit here. There’s some slightly jammy ripeness, but also nice texture and fine-grained tannins. Lovely lavender and thyme notes add complexity, and this has a fine white pepper finish. 94/100

La Réserve Saint Dominique Gigondas 2022
Grenache noir 80%, Mourvèdre 10%, Syrah 10%. This has an appealing core of very ripe, sweet liqueur-like red berry fruits with a fine, peppery edge and some garrigue-like herb notes. The palate is fine, silky, open and delicious with lovely red cherry fruits and some wild strawberry. Sweet and alluring but with some complexity. 95/100

François-Xavier Lambert Gigondas Prestige des Dentelles 2022
Grenache noir 70%, Syrah 20%, Mourvèdre 10%. Classically styled and quite elegant with sweet red cherry fruit and some nice structure. It’s sweetly fruited and rounded, and shows lovely balance with fine-grained structure. Very stylish. 94/100

Domaine des Bosquets Gigondas Réserve 2022
Grenache noir 60%, Syrah 30%, Mourvèdre 7%, Cinsault 3%. Lovely purity and concentration here with bold but balanced cherry and berry fruits. Finely spiced with some exotic liquorice and garrigue notes, finishing with firm tannins. Lovely fruit intensity and good structure should ensure good ageing potential for this wine. 95/100

Maison Sinnae Gigondas Les Traverses 2022
Cinsault, Grenache noir, Mourvèdre, Syrah. Open sweet red fruit aromatics with some cherry and plum as well as a touch of pepper. Bright palate with a core of rounded, textured sweet cherry fruit, finishing with some grippy tannin. Lovely fruit here with real finesse. 92/100

CALVET Gigondas 2022
Grenache noir 80%, Syrah 20%. Fresh, pure and quite open with a lovely ease to the sweet red cherry and berry fruits, and some fine peppery detail. Lighter in style and perhaps lacking a bit of concentration but with quite a bit of elegance and drinkability, this is really nice. 91/100

Domaine de Piéblanc Gigondas Les Terres 2022
Grenache noir 80%, Cinsault 10%, Syrah 10%. Intriguing red cherry nose with sweet, pure fruit and a hint of spice. The palate is fine and elegant with a core of cherries and strawberries joined by some sappy detail and a nice finely spiced finish. Great balance here. 94/100

Château la Thébaïde Gigondas 2022
Grenache noir 65%, Mourvèdre 35%. Open red fruits nose with some slight oxidative appley hints. The palate is sweetly fruited with nice texture, but again there is some appley oxidative character here that’s a distraction. 87/100

Domaine de Longue Toque Gigondas 2022
Grenache noir, Syrah   Ripe and sweetly fruited with rich cherry and plum fruit. There’s a good concentration of ripe, sweet fruit here but also a slight hint of caramel. Nice finely spiced finish. 89/100

Grenache noir 80%, Syrah 15%, Mourvèdre 5%. Sweetly aromatic with a palate that shows lush, smooth, pure ripe berry and cherry fruits with a liqueur-like quality and a slight saltiness on the finish. Sleek and fine. 93/100

Domaine de Montvac Gigondas Adage 2022
Grenache 70%, Syrah 25%, Mourvèdre 5%. Lovely fruit here: it’s ripe and textural with sweet cherries, plums and some fine peppery spiciness. Has some garrique complexity and a twist of liquorice, finishing fine and lively. Lovely precision and depth here. 94/100

Domaine de la Tête Noire Gigondas 2022
Grenache noir 55%, Syrah 45%. Bright, lively and juicy with a core of sweet cherry and berry fruit, finishing fresh. Nice focused fruit here offering lots of pleasure. Fresh, peppery and linear. 93/100

Samples of 2022 reds not yet bottled

Domaine de Cabasse Juncunditas Gigondas 2022
Grenache noir 90%, Syrah 10%. Bright, lively and concentrated with a spicy edge to the sweet cherry and plum fruit. Lively and with a savoury, spicy edge to the well structured cherry and plum fruit. Real complexity here and should develop nicely. 94/100

Réserve Mont-Redon Gigondas 2022
Grenache noir 80%, Syrah 20%. Taut, focused and with a touch of nice reduction on the nose, this is a beautifully assembled wine with a core of sweet raspberry and cherry fruit, backed up by fine tannins and enough acidity. There’s grip and refinement here with a compact structure holding in the beautifully proportioned ripe fruit. 95/100

Domaine du Cayron Gigondas 2022
GRENACHE 78%, Syrah 14%, Cinsault 6%, Mourvèdre 2%. Floral aromatics on the nose with lovely ripe, sweet cherries and berries. The palate shows a sense of elegance with good texture to the ripe fruit and appropriate structure. Quite peppery and detailed, this is really appealing. 93/100

Rhonéa Gigondas Les Pierres du Vallat 2022
Grenache noir 55%, Syrah 45%. Lovely aromatics here with ripe berry fruits and some floral cherry notes, as well as a spicy overlay. In the mouth there’s lovely pure fruit with good structure, and a touch of spicy, savoury oak contributing to the structure. 92/100

Le Mas des Flauzieres Gigondas LA GRANDE RESERVE 2022
Grenache noir 50%, Mourvèdre 25%, Syrah 25%. Well structured with firm tannins under the impactful red cherry and berry fruits. Lovely intensity and freshness with great concentration. This is really good and should age very well. 94/100

Domaine du Terme Brut Cuvée Réserve Gigondas 2022
Grenache noir 80%, Mourvèdre 10%, Syrah 10%. Such an intriguing floral, peppery nose with lovely red fruit detail. The palate is fresh, supple and elegant with lovely refinement, showing bitter cherries, raspberries and really nice focus and precision. Thrilling. 95/100

Domaine la Soumade Gigondas 2022
Grenache noir 70%, Syrah 30%. Nice presence and structure here with suitably firm tannins sitting under bright, floral berry and cherry fruits. It’s fine and classically proportioned and should age well, with lovely fruit and focus. Such finesse here. 94/100

Grenache noir 75%, Syrah 20%, Mourvèdre 5%. Lovely fruit, showing nice grippy tannins under concentrated, sleek, precise red cherry and berry fruits. Real finesse with nice firmness and the flesh sticking nicely to the bones. 94/100

Château de Montmirail CUVEE DE BEAUCHAMP 2022
Grenache noir 75%, Syrah 15%, Mourvèdre 10%. Fruity, lively and spicy with open sweet cherry and berry fruits with some lively, tangy, bright tarry spicy notes from the Mourvèdre adding freshness and interest. Open and appealing. 91/100

Domaine du Grapillon d’Or Gigondas EXCELLENCE 2022
Grenache noir 60%, Syrah 40%. Liquorice and pepper on the nose as well as sweet berry and black fruits. Lovely intensity on the palate which is precise and detailed with some structure and acidity under the plump berry fruits. Fine and expressive. 93/100

Domaine d’Ourea / Adrien Roustan Gigondas 2022
Grenache noir 70%, Syrah 20%, Cinsault 10%. Appealing floral aromatics here with sweet cherries, plums and spice. Detailed, concentrated, intriuging palate with pepper, dried herbs, lavender and thyme, and beautifully fresh but ripe cherry and plum fruit. Such focus and elegance here. 95/100

Domaine La Bouïssiere GIGONDAS TRADITION 2022
Grenache noir 72%, Syrah 26%, Mourvèdre 2%. Fine, floral, slightly peppery nose. The palate is ripe and concentrated with sleek, sweet cherry and berry fruits with some nice structure. So ripe, rounded and appealing but keeps its focus and purity. A lovely wine. 94/100

Domaine Raspail Ay Gigondas 2022
Grenache noir 70%, Syrah 20%, Mourvèdre 10%. A little hint of reduction here but lovely, well structured berry and cherry fruits dominate. Lovely weight and balance with good tannins and acidity and very fine fruit. This should age beautifully. 94/100

Piaugier Gigondas 2022
Grenache noir 65%, Mourvèdre 20%, Syrah 15%    Fresh cherries and plums with nice structure. This is on the more elegant end of the spectrum, not deeply coloured, but with beautiful focus and balance showing a classic style. Very fine with a lively peppery finish. 94/100

BROTTE Gigondas La Marasque 2022
Grenache noir 70%, Syrah 30%. Ripe, generous, but quite elegant with a core of sweet cherries and plums, showing texture and finesse. Lovely sweet fruit here with a sense of finesse. One that will be ready for drinking sooner rather than later, but so fine and expressive. 94/100